Growth Group Questions: September 25

PSALM 42 – When…You Are Spiritually Depressed

Growth Group Questions

When you feel spiritually depressed and/or separated from God what do you do? What would you like to start doing in response to this unsettling inner state?

Are there past seasons in life you remember being spiritually and emotionally rich and rewarding?  Did those seasons tap into specific passions you have? (ie. ministry, sports, art, design, people)  How can you draw hope and passion from those memories and transpose them to present day?

What do you think of when you ‘remember God’ (v. 6)?  Do you have a positive or negative outlook on how He has worked in and through your life for his glory and your good?

There is a huge battle for our minds. When you wake up in the morning what kind of thoughts do you encounter? Are there unhealthy thought patterns you want to overcome with healthy, Godly thought patterns? What would preaching the gospel to yourself everyday look like? (Perhaps a specific time or place you will recite certain passages etc.)

John 12:27 talks about Jesus’ troubled soul because of his impending crucifixion on the cross, bearing the sins of the world, and exchanging our wickedness with his righteousness. How can we draw hope from Jesus through this reality? (Inspiration: Heb. 4:15, Matt. 11:28)  Why do you think God would want us to wait on Him to pull us out of a dark place?