Growth Group Questions: September 18


PSALM 40 – When…you are in a Pit

What is “a pit”?

How to get out of a pit?                     In a word…WAIT

Waiting on God means being honest    vs13, 17

Waiting on God means trusting in Him and nothing else vs 3,4,11

Waiting on God means “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction” vs 6-8

Waiting on God means “hunting for Him with a rock solid confidence”          vs 16

Waiting on God means “making God BIG”      vs 16,17


Quick Review: Looking back at your sermon notes  – which particular point or part of this scripture/prayer challenged, confused or caught your attention?

  1. We all face “a pit” at some point in our lives.  It is not a matter of if…it is when…“The pit” can be a place of loss, guilt, depression, fear, or a whole lot of other circumstances. What does the pit mean for you?
  1. In Psalm 40:1 David tells us he is waiting on God.  Reviewing a little about the life of David, how hard to you think it was for him to wait?  How hard is it for you to wait?
  1.  How can we determine the balance between trusting completely in the God versus using legitimate means or methods?
  1. Genesis 40 and 41 has some of the story of Joseph in a pit.  Genesis 41:1 tells us Joseph waited two full years.  Why does God make us wait especially when we could accomplish so much more if we were free?
  1. Read the story of King Saul (1 Samuel 15).  Why was he tempted not to wait on God but to take matters into his own hands?  What were the consequences?
  1.  How can you grow in “making God BIG” in your present circumstances?