Growth Group Questions: October 16

When …God Takes Over…What to Expect”

Psalm 23

1) Read Psalm 23. This Psalm is more about sheep and shepherds than about valleys. When considering the characteristics of sheep – which of the characteristics best fit with your spiritual journey?

2) Quite a few scriptures talk about sheep and shepherds. Check out John 10:1-11 and Psalm 95:6-7. What do these metaphors teach us about our relationship with God?

3) We heard in the sermon about what happens when God takes over. It can be frustrating and confusing at times when God “makes us lie down in green pastures”. Have there been times in your life when you felt God’s hand steering you to a blessing that otherwise you would have walked by and missed?

4) Read Genesis 50:17-21. What might Joseph had missed if he would not have made God his “green pasture” and the one who “restores his soul”?

5) When you are in a valley, what are the things that make it hard to believe that you do not have to fear evil and you will be feasting in the feasting even in the presence of your enemies? When you think of God as a gentle, good shepherd, how does that change your perspective?

6) Luke 15:1-7 tells us about God’s concern for lost sheep. What practical application is there for us in this story?