Growth Group Questions: November 27

Our Journey to Jesus at Christmas Three Names to Pack for the Journey(Luke 1:5-25 + 57-66) (John 1:29-34)

1. Zechariah  Means “God remembers you.” Zechariah was shocked when his prayers were answered, but God had not forgotten him. Like the incense smoke, our prayers go up to God. What do we know about God’s “track record” + “character” that assures us that he hears and remembers us?

2. John  “God is gracious to you” Can you list from verse 14-17 what happens when God’s grace is present? How would our society and personal lives change?

3. Christ  “The Chosen One” (John 1:29-34) What was Jesus specifically chosen to do? If God was chosen for that journey, what journey has God chosen for you to walk?