Our story

Our Beginnings New Hope Christian Church is a blended family. We were formed from two very different Mennonite Brethren congregations, at very different places in their life. Kennedy Heights MB was a long-established congregation at the 88th Avenue location, but had reached a point of closure. Cornerstone was a church plant from further east in Fleetwood. After a great deal of conversation, prayer, and the encouragement of the BC Mennonite Brethren Conference, a new church was formed. With input from the surrounding community a new name was also chosen, and New Hope Christian Church was born. The first service of the united group was February 2, 2003; and before a year was out we were able to send with blessing a group to help found our sister congregation, Coast Hills. Our Present The New Hope congregation now live throughout the Surrey-Delta region and beyond. We are by nature diverse and eclectic: in age, background, and experience. Our facility’s neighbourhood and location adds to the mix. We see all these as strengths God has given us— believing they reflect God’s creativity, and a small foretaste of Heaven. We trust God to shape our effort to live as one people— desiring to embrace him as Lord, and each other as brothers & sisters. That work also means we extend a lot of grace to each other. Our Faith We are unapologetically Jesus-centred and seek to follow him in life, applying his teachings day to day. We desire to become BRIDGE people. Biblical— The Bible is God-breathed, the complete authoritative word of God, leading us to a relationship with Christ and instruction on how followers of Jesus are to live. From gospel, to spiritual fruit, to gifting, to stewardship, to spiritual discipline, we find within its pages the essentials of the Christian life. Relational— At its heart, Christian life is about a relationship with Christ, not rules and precepts about one more manmade religion. Relationship is central to our faith, both with God and with each other. As a new kind of community, as a new kind of family, we nurture and care for those within and without the Body. Smaller groups in the Body become a place where that can best be experienced. Inclusive— We show grace as we have received grace and show mercy as we have received mercy. We seek to draw in all who may desire to know our God and welcome any who are willing to walk the journey we walk. Dependent— As Jesus was dependent upon his Father, so too we embrace dependence on our Lord. This is reflected by lives that seek Him first and practice the spiritual disciplines of worship, prayer, study, service and more. Gifted— God has given gifts to all, for building up his body and reaching the world with the Gospel. Every believer has a responsibility to discern, learn and practice their gifts; and a role in encouraging others to do the same. Evangelistic— Every follower of Christ is both minister and missionary. While some may be called to specific roles as such, all of us have opportunities to live and act in ways that show Jesus to the world. We desire to live lives, and be a church that is inviting to others, that they may be invited to know Christ well. MB Statement of Faith Our Purpose Our congregation has a simple desire — to, as a fellowship, give new hope in Christ to each person we connect with. We’re committed to helping people come to know Jesus better, and to following him in life. Our Mission statement notes this statement: “Together sharing new hope in Christ with all, through worship, learning, friendship & service.” Our Future We seek to keep the following picture of our future in mind: Embracing a vision that is both about a destination and a journey— we seek to be in the Delta-Surrey area as a Jesus-centred, inter-generational, inter-cultural, and multiplying community of faith. Our outlook is outward & optimistic, our practice relational & open, our lifestyle disciplined & service-minded, our worship creative & authentic, and our theology Biblical & Anabaptist. Creating “an environment”: As our Prayer Boards note, we’re seeking at New Hope to create “…an environment where real people experience Jesus in a real way”— so we talk a lot about “environment”. By that we mean our intent to foster and live as a Jesus-centred community, focusing on seeking God’s vision for this place and time. And that desire is compelling us to be a Church where:

  • We take down walls & build up relationships
  • We seek to redefine “church” as “people”
  • We reach out & serve others before ourselves
  • We seek after Jesus and following Him in life